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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Automation

What to Expect from Your Smart Home Company

Get a better connected living experience.

What to Expect from Your Smart Home Company

Smart home technology offers convenience, efficiency, and security like never before. Choosing the right smart home company is essential to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience. 

Whitaker Technologies can ensure you receive that experience. Read on to explore what you can expect from a reputable home provider and how their services can transform your Philadelphia, PA, residence into an intelligent, interconnected living space. 

5 Reasons Why Smart Lighting Is a Must for the Modern Home

From Efficiency to Security, Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier

5 Reasons Why Smart Lighting Is a Must for the Modern Home

While there are many functions you can make “smart” in today’s homes, perhaps the one you can appreciate most is smart lighting. It can streamline your daily life, help you save on energy bills and be greener, and add convenience and safety to your Haddonfield, NJ home. What’s not to like? Read on to learn more about what smart lighting can do and why it’s a smart choice for your home. 

7 Reasons Not to DIY Your Smart Home

Here’s why you should leave home automation jobs up to the professionals

7 Reasons Not to DIY Your Smart Home

Smart homes consist of a number of gadgets and technologies installed throughout the home. But instead of using multiple remotes and control panels to navigate these features, you can simply use a single interface, known as the smart home hub. 

Not only does a smart home system unify your home devices, but it also lets you have complete control with a touch or a voice command. But installing these systems is not an easy feat and definitely not something that should be done in a DIY project. 

Here are the top seven reasons why you should avoid DIY home automation projects for your Cherry Hill, NJ, residence.

Gain Peace of Mind with Smarter Home Security

Always Know What’s Happening at Home

Gain Peace of Mind with Smarter Home Security

Do you rely on an outdated alarm system for your home security? We’re talking about the ones with sensors in doors and windows plus a control pad by the entrance to set the alarm when you leave the house. While these systems work, you might say they are more reactive than proactive. When a sensor is tripped, your alarm sounds, and the monitoring company calls you to let you know.

We think there’s a better approach to securing homes. Smart home security systems combine security system elements like sensors and alarms with smart cameras and home automation to provide a more proactive way to keep your family and property safe in Moorestown, NJ. Keep reading below to learn how you can gain more peace of mind with smarter security.