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House of Worship

Designed with a grandiose mission in mind, houses of worship feature some of the most beautiful architecture in New Jersey. However, the soaring ceilings and wide-open spaces can wreak havoc on audio-video systems if not installed properly. 

Curate a better environment for sharing your message by working with Whitaker Technologies. We’ve installed innovative technology solutions in some of the biggest houses of worship in the state, including Our Lady of Good Counsel.   

Enhance Your Message

Unleash the true potential of your worship space with professional AV solutions that eliminate common audio and video challenges. It’s vital today to provide engaging content for congregants— both those present in the room and any joining via live streams— and our team is here to help with sound systems, projectors, screens, live sound production systems and more.

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Audio Video Solutions

Reverberations are a common problem in worship environments. Our team uses specialized Bose professional RoomMatch systems to direct sound at the congregation and away from reflective surfaces. This gear is expertly installed to provide even coverage while protecting your property’s classic design.

We provide a versatile way to deliver high-quality video to your congregants through projector-and-screen combinations. Our video distribution systems make it easy to broadcast live sermons, TV programming, pre-recorded content, and slideshow presentations.

The system’s ease of use in multi-purpose house of worship spaces is vital. It’s likely a lot of different groups will use the area for various events, so it needs to be simple to set up and manage for multiple applications.

Learn more about our project with Connect Church and Bose here.

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Microphone and Wireless Systems

Having your message heard clearly across the room starts with the right microphones. Our house of worship installations use Shure microphone solutions that offer a comprehensive suite of products to overcome any acoustic challenges in your space. They also address all your unique needs with microphones geared for worship, pianos, choirs, percussion, guitars brass bands and more.

Shure’s wireless microphone systems are great for this dynamic environment to ensure pastors and participants can move around freely. These systems deliver 24-bit high-quality audio while including all the components needed for crisp, all-encompassing sound. We’ll guide you on choosing the ideal receivers, headsets, and handheld microphones for your unique worship style.

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Production Solutions

The final step in a truly successful AV system for your House of Worship is the production tools needed to manage sound effectively. Our team knows that sophisticated AV systems are required to mix and broadcast live sound that could integrate instruments, singers, and even DJs. Having the right tools is vital, which is why we partner with Allen & Heath for our projects.

Easily integrate your existing wireless microphone system with matrix processors, controllers, preamps, faders and audio zone mixers to adeptly manage all your audio feeds. We ensure all production solutions include intuitive control options based on the knowledge and expertise of your team. This includes traditional digital mixers, remote controllers and mixing apps. Easily adjust faders, audio networking, and FX for a truly engaging service or performance.