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Gain Peace of Mind with Smarter Home Security

Always Know What’s Happening at Home

Gain Peace of Mind with Smarter Home Security

Do you rely on an outdated alarm system for your home security? We’re talking about the ones with sensors in doors and windows plus a control pad by the entrance to set the alarm when you leave the house. While these systems work, you might say they are more reactive than proactive. When a sensor is tripped, your alarm sounds, and the monitoring company calls you to let you know.

We think there’s a better approach to securing homes. Smart home security systems combine security system elements like sensors and alarms with smart cameras and home automation to provide a more proactive way to keep your family and property safe in Moorestown, NJ. Keep reading below to learn how you can gain more peace of mind with smarter security. 

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Keep an Eye on Everything

Today’s smart security cameras let you proactively monitor your home from wherever you are with an internet connection. Use them along the perimeter of your property outdoors, and have your indoor cameras activated whenever you turn on your home alarm to leave for work. Smart cameras have advanced features that let you know when something significant happens. For example, your video doorbell camera can be programmed to ignore passing vehicles but alert you when one pulls into the driveway, as well as when someone is at your front door. Outside, perimeter cameras can be trained to detect people but not animals, so only important motion alerts you. The most sophisticated solutions can capture footage all day that can be searched intelligently for specifics such as the color of a car, a delivery truck, a person, and more. 

Integration with Smart Home Features

Integrating security with smart home features like lighting, motorized shading, and even your audio and video system provides new dimensions to home security. For example, if your security camera detects something in the middle of the night, your smart home system can turn on all the lights and put an audio warning over your whole home audio system. Or, if your smoke alarm goes off in the night, you can have your lights come on to light a path to your closest exits from bedrooms and flash the outside lights for first responders to quickly locate your house. 

Make It Look Like You’re Home

For would-be burglars, a dead giveaway for an unoccupied home is one that is completely dark or all lit up, all day long. Even if you use timers, the predictability of the schedule might also give your home away. Smart home systems can go a step further. They can be programmed to memorize your regular patterns for lights, motorized window treatments, and even AV system usage and mimic that when you are gone on vacation. Your house can look naturally occupied with windows, lights, and TVs going on and off at typical times, just like when you are home. It will keep any would-be intruders guessing!


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