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Whitaker Technologies is an expert network installation company serving Cherry Hill, Southern New Jersey, and greater Philadelphia. Call us at (609) 932-4368.

Get the Speed You Need with a Professional Network Installation

A High-Performance Network is Essential in the Modern Home

Get the Speed You Need with a Professional Network Installation

Do you ever think about how many devices in your home require a network and internet connection? Intuitively, you know your smartphone, tablets, computers, and laptops are all connected. But do you think about your TVs, streamers like Apple TV or Roku, smart speakers, and home automation gear? In 2020, the average number of connected devices in the home was estimated at around 10. That rose sharply in the pandemic to 25, and in 2023 estimates range up to 50 devices in homes. So chances are, you have more than you think in your Cherry Hill, NJ home. 

Have you thought about your home network’s capacity to support all these devices? Most people don’t unless they experience a problem. It may be the stuttering 4K video on a TV or the video call with freezing or mismatched audio and video. In today's world, good network performance is almost as essential as electricity and water in the home. However, if you're still relying on the equipment and installation that came from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your network may not be keeping up. Keep reading below to see how a professional network installation company can help.