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7 Reasons Not to DIY Your Smart Home

Here’s why you should leave home automation jobs up to the professionals

7 Reasons Not to DIY Your Smart Home

Smart homes consist of a number of gadgets and technologies installed throughout the home. But instead of using multiple remotes and control panels to navigate these features, you can simply use a single interface, known as the smart home hub. 

Not only does a smart home system unify your home devices, but it also lets you have complete control with a touch or a voice command. But installing these systems is not an easy feat and definitely not something that should be done in a DIY project. 

Here are the top seven reasons why you should avoid DIY home automation projects for your Cherry Hill, NJ, residence.


1. Complexity

One of the main reasons a DIY installation for home automation is not recommended is the number of home technologies. From door locks, sensors, and pool automation, to lighting and shading control, the number of gadgets that can be added is limitless. Streamlining them under one platform is a difficult job, but a pro can program a single easy-to-use interface that offers total control. 

2. Multiple Control Applications

Having multiple control apps can be confusing and completely undermines the purpose of a luxury home. But when you hire a professional, you can control your entire home using only a single application. DIY solutions often lead you to juggle between different apps and remotes. A professional installation avoids this issue. 

3. Privacy Concerns

DIY projects come with many security and privacy concerns as many of the home assistants can use your data for advertisement purposes. But professionals ensure your data is only used to make the home control system more intuitive rather than sell it for advertisements. 

4. Wi-Fi Requirements

Luxury homes require a robust Wi-Fi connection that can offer increased bandwidth and coverage. Not only does it boost the internet speed, but it allows you to control all home technologies without failure collectively. A professional will ensure your home has a reliable and secure network that provides ample coverage.

5. Labor-Intensive

Home automation installation isn’t a walk in the park. From wiring the home to mounting cameras in high spaces, some tasks are labor-intensive that not everyone can handle. Letting the professionals handle the integration is a wiser choice in such cases.

6. Usability

When an abundance of apps is needed, you might not have all the applications installed on your phone. This creates limitations when even one member of the house isn’t home. You can’t use the home control system. But pros provide you with an interface that anyone can use easily at any time. 

7. Compatibility

It’s essential for your home devices to be compatible and work together. Finding the right products and integrating them requires years of experience and training which only a professional installer has. 


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