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3 Things You Might Not Know You Could Do with Sonos

The Sonos Speaker System is More than Plug and Play Wireless Speakers

3 Things You Might Not Know You Could Do with Sonos

Sonos has made a big name for itself in consumer audio with wireless speakers. They offer surprisingly good sound quality from powered speakers that you plug into a wall and connect to your network. Fire up the Sonos app on a smartphone or tablet, and you have a wealth of streaming options for listening. 

But Sonos is more than just plug-and-play wireless speakers. Did you know you could have a Sonos home theater? Or that you can use your own speakers within a Sonos setup? Discover these options and one more below. You might be surprised at how far you can go with a Sonos speaker system in your Philadelphia, PA, home!

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A Sonos Home Theater

Everyone loves surround sound, but some people don't want the complexity of a full-fledged system with many speakers and components. Soundbar systems might be the right solution in smaller media rooms and simpler setups. Sonos' recently introduced Arc soundbar, the company's first Dolby Atmos-capable bar, with 11 high-performance drivers that produce an immersive soundstage for movie and show soundtracks. 

The Sonos wireless subwoofer (Sub) adds the low-end punch for the bass needed for modern soundtracks and music. For surround speakers, it can be as simple as pairing two Sonos One SL speakers, and you have a multi-speaker Atmos system. The beauty of this setup is that neither the Sub nor the surround needs wires; they attach wirelessly but do need to plug into power. 

For a more integrated home theater, the Sonos Amp can be used to power the surround speakers. The compact Amp can hide in a cabinet and be wired to in-wall or in-ceiling surround speakers for a sleek installation. And the final kicker is that this home theater setup is a full participant in a Sonos-powered whole-home audio system. 

Sonos with Your Speakers

What if you like Sonos’ ease of use with streaming audio but prefer different speakers? Perhaps you want architectural speakers for discreet installation, or you have a set of speakers you love that you want to have in your whole-home system. 

Two options from Sonos give you that capability: the Sonos Port and the Amp. The Port can attach as an input to an existing stereo setup and instantly bring all that Sonos can do to that system. That means you can bring a cherished hi-fi setup into your Sonos whole-home system. If you don’t have an existing amplifier, you can use the Amp to connect your speakers directly to it. The Amp also functions as a full streaming amplifier and can power two sets of speakers, depending on the type. 

Outdoor Audio with Sonos

The Amp can bring excellent sound to your outdoors too. The Amp (or multiple Amps) can connect to your outdoor speakers, and you have an outdoor zone (or more) for whole-home audio. Sonos Amps or Ports can also be configured to work with other outdoor speaker configurations. Of course, someone can be listening to completely different music or audio outside while you enjoy your favorites inside. 


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