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3 Benefits of Partnering with an AV Installation Company

Professional Installation = Professional Results

3 Benefits of Partnering with an AV Installation Company

In a world of many DIY products, it might be tempting to do an AV installation project yourself. After all, there's no shortage of how-to videos and instructions on the internet, right? Of course, you can. And if something might seem relatively straightforward, like adding a turntable to your home audio setup, it might be. 

What if you are looking for a whole-home audio system for your property in Moorestown, Philadelphia, or South Jersey? You might want speakers in various rooms and even outside in the patio and yard. You could undertake such a project, but ultimately, you’ll be more satisfied with the results when you partner with an AV installation company. Let’s explore three reasons why below!

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Wiring Expertise

Setting up a whole home audio system invariably will require some wiring and cabling. What you need will depend on the system you choose. For speakers, if you want a seamless, built-in look, architectural speakers will require speaker wires run to the correct ceiling and wall locations. Since today's systems are also digital and internet-connected, some may require ethernet connections for the best performance. 

Then there are various interconnects for your system, from analog to digital cables, to connect other inputs to your system, from CD players to TVs and turntables. When you go outdoors with your audio, it gets even trickier! There are various ways to run speaker cabling outdoors, and you have to hide wires in landscaping and go around or beneath decks and hardscape. We are experts and experienced in all of these areas and more. 

Sound Tuning

There is both art and science in the placement of speakers for the best sound, indoors and out. For a given room or outdoor area, there are rules of thumb for how many speakers to use, what types, and how to amplify them. But expertise matters when making these decisions. We work with you to determine your requirements and preferences – do you like your music loud and with strong bass, or do you prefer a smoother background sound? And is that preference different in each area? We know how to locate your speakers, how much power they need, and more to make the system sound the way you want. 

Control and Customization

No whole-house sound system will be satisfying if it’s hard to use. One of the best benefits of hiring an AV professional is to get the type and level of control you want, whichever way you want it. If you’re not an app/smartphone person, you can get a customized remote control with buttons for your system. Or you can use custom programmed wall keypads to turn on music. We can suggest and install the control system that works for you. This part is so important that we might steer you to solutions like Control4 and Sonos – or even a combination of them – to ensure that you have a system that works the way you want. 


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