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Looking for Immersive Surround Sound?

A Sonos Surround Sound System & Professional installation Are Just What You Need

Looking for Immersive Surround Sound?

If you have a smart home, or are thinking about investing in one, chances are you have already heard about Sonos. After all, they have set the industry standard in home audio solutions, offering dozens of smart devices designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and convenience in both indoor and outdoor spaces. A Sonos surround sound system is part of their product ecosystem. 

With soundbars, speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers to take care of, you could always opt for installing your surround sound system by yourself, but what if you run into any trouble? Are you ready to troubleshoot several devices, or tech-savvy enough to integrate them into an efficient system? 

If you are in Philadelphia, PA, and its surrounding area, the team of technology installers at Whitaker Technologies can help. Read on to learn more about the key components of a Sonos surround sound system, and why hiring us is your best bet at every product working as advertised. 

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Why Hire a Pro?

The short answer is simple. You want your system to be set up properly. This includes positioning each speaker in an optimal location, manually turning drivers to distribute sound across the room, and configuring every product to work seamlessly with other audio and home theater equipment. A professional installer will take into account your existing space, assess any unique features that may affect acoustic performance, and make recommendations for the best possible setup. We can also troubleshoot any issues that arise during the installation process, or even advise you on how to update your existing AV systems. 

What Sonos Brings to the Table

So, what are the key components of a Sonos surround sound system? First, there is the Sonos Soundbar, available in Ray, Beam and Arc models. Mounted above or below your TV, soundbars deliver rich, detailed audio, and seamlessly integrate with other Sonos smart devices. The Sonos Sub is one of these devices, offering a powerful, wireless subwoofer with a deep, unforgettable bass. The Sub, which can be placed anywhere in the room, will look great next to a set of speakers, such as the Sonos One or Play:5. When positioned, installed, and integrated correctly, your Sonos products will create an immersive listening experience at home. And best of all, they can be easily controlled using the Sonos app from any smartphone or smart home interface.

At Home or Work, We Can Help Too!

At Whitaker Technologies, we design, install, and integrate high-quality AV systems for clients ranging from houses of worship to commercial and residential projects. By partnering with top industry brands, we offer all of them access to the latest products, installation practices, and even the occasional sale or promotion. 

If you are ready for immersive surround sound, or would like to know of any ongoing Sonos promotions, contact us so we can help!