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Create the Best Experiences with a Commercial AV System

Today’s Impressive AV Solutions Benefit Nearly Every Industry

Create the Best Experiences with a Commercial AV System

What do fitness centers, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, and houses of worship have in common? While this may sound like a trick question, there is at least one commonality. They all benefit from custom commercial AV solutions

Each of these businesses wants to elevate their patrons’ experiences, and image and sound quality is one aspect that can set them apart from competitors. Whether working out, dining, waiting for a procedure, or worshipping, a dynamic audio-video system sets the ideal mood, defines the brand, and offers the best experience.

Let’s explore some of the best commercial technology solutions you should consider for your establishment in the greater Philadelphia, PA, area.

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Which Industries Benefit from Commercial AV?

The AV experts at Whitaker Technologies design, program, install, and support customized AV solutions tailored to your unique operational requirements. These systems are scalable, growing with your business as it expands and its needs evolve. Here are just a few possibilities:


In the hospitality industry, these advanced audio-video setups define your customers’ experience. In a restaurant, a distributed AV system brings impressive video in the bar area and high-quality music throughout your establishment. 

Consider each space a zone, and each zone gains the ideal music and audio with a professional AV system. Whether relaxing on the patio, dining indoors, or watching the big game at the bar, everything is manageable with one-touch control, so there’s no need to fumble through multiple remotes to adjust settings. From selecting the media source to controlling the volume, everything is at your employees’ fingertips.


Hotels have a lot of ground to cover, from impressing guests when they enter the lobby to seamlessly blending in ambient music throughout their stay. Lounging by the pool, dining in the restaurant, or walking down the halls are all covered with the perfect soundtrack. 

Beyond ensuring a great stay, hotels frequently have conference spaces that can benefit from the latest AV tools for streamlined meetings and presentations that include virtual and in-person attendees.

House of Worship

In a place of worship, a high-quality, dependable PA system should deliver crystal-clear audio that everyone can hear, whether at the weekly service, a wedding, or a funeral. 

These discrete systems are tucked away and out of sight, delivering outstanding sonic clarity from an invisible source. For larger spaces, multiple displays with high-definition video for in-person and streaming services provide brilliant, lifelike images. 

And the best part of incorporating state-of-the-art commercial AV? You have an intuitive system that’s easy to manage using a touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone. 

Fitness and Spas

A spa and fitness center possesses unique challenges. They may consist of general workout areas with multiple displays, spa areas that benefit from soft, immersive music, a smoothie bar, and a dining area. All of these spaces require unique and impressive audio-video functionality. 

How Can Whitaker Technologies Help My Business?

We understand every business is unique, and so are its audio-video needs. Together, we’ll explore your priorities. Then, we’ll design and install an integrated system that not only enables all audio-video components to be controlled easily in the palm of your hand but it looks great, suits your budget and timeline, and blends seamlessly into your operations, too!

At Whitaker Technologies, we’re passionate about sharing the remarkable advancements in technology. As a trusted partner with deep roots in the Philadelphia area, you can count on our team to create a system that’s effortless to use and exceeds your wildest expectations. 

To learn more about the possibilities in today’s commercial and residential AV or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Whitaker Technologies.