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Create More Appealing Spaces with Commercial AV Solutions

Audio and Video Solutions Can Relax, Entertain, and Engage

Create More Appealing Spaces with Commercial AV Solutions

How do you make your business, practice, restaurant, or hotel stand out from the rest? Of course, many factors go into that, starting with delivering the best product or service you can offer. But there's a sometimes overlooked element that can make your Moorestown, NJ office or hospitality business more appealing – audio and video entertainment. 

Commercial AV solutions offer a variety of ways to make your spaces more appealing. While it may not be the most important part of the customer experience, every detail that adds value can create more lasting relationships. Explore some of the most popular options below for adding audio and video to your spaces.

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Medical Offices

Some people may be apprehensive when visiting doctors and dentists, and the right music in the background can make the waiting room a more pleasant experience. For offices serving children, TV monitors with appropriate programming create a more entertainment environment for children to wait patiently. Music playing through speakers from Bose’s Professional line provide quality background audio perfect for streaming music. 


Hotels and restaurants are excellent places where AV solutions can create more pleasant experiences. Hotel lobbies may be busy areas, and background music can dim the din of conversation and people. A professionally installed speaker system can play music and deliver announcements or paging of individuals and groups. 

In restaurant areas, speakers in bar areas might play a bit louder and livelier while dining areas benefit from soft music. In both cases, music can create an ambiance that encourages patrons to linger longer – and spend more! Music sources can be as simple as adding the Sonos Port, which brings the ease of use of the Sonos app and streaming to your business system. Couple the Sonos Port with business-specific music streaming accounts from services like Amazon and Pandora, and you have a wide range of audio entertainment you can use. 

Hotels also often offer exercise and pool facilities, and built-in speakers in these areas can provide music to spur the workout. TVs can also be added with smartphone-based solutions to tune in the audio, enabling gym users to tune into the content they want to see while exercising.

Luxury Multi-Dwelling Buildings

Commercial AV solutions can really differentiate your MDU building from others. A popular option is to add a common-area media or theater room that residents can reserve for watch parties or entertaining. Equip the room with a large flat panel TV or projector and built-in surround sound and make it easy to use with one-touch control of AV and lighting. 

In common areas, built-in ceiling speakers can provide relaxing background music. If your building has a pool area, outdoor audio can also set the mood. Gyms benefit from AV entertainment, and built-in TVs and audio that offer residents the opportunity to cast content from their smartphones for a more invigorating workout. 


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