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Can You Hear Him Now?

How Effective Church Audio Helps Us Connect, No Matter Where We Are

Can You Hear Him Now?

For most Americans, houses of worship are a second home. There, they connect with each other, their communities, and the spoken word. 

It is no surprise that churches across the US look as beautiful as they do.

At Whitaker Technologies, we understand the role churches play in our homes, businesses, and communities across greater Philadelphia, PA, and South Jersey. We also know how church audio impacts the experience of worshipers, now more than ever.   

Check out how a comprehensive, effective sound system helps houses of worship enhance the experience of their congregation, no matter where each worshiper may be.

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Let There Be Sound!

Houses of worship are often grandiose spaces where worshipers share their beliefs under a common roof. But, unfortunately, not everyone can attend service all the time, especially nowadays. 

For those who can be there, a high-quality audio system makes the difference between having a great service and trying to figure out what the congregation leader said. The height, width, and depth of a space matter to sound quality. So do the right brands of audio system components.

Our team at Whitaker Technologies understands professional audio systems. We also rely on brands like Sonos, Control4, and Bose to guarantee sound quality worthy of a house of worship. 

Outdoors Worshipers Rejoice!

One thing we learned about social distancing is that it doesn’t need to stop us from sharing with each other. Outdoor services, for example, can be beautiful. That is, of course, assuming a house of worship has the right sound system.

An effective AV system should be strong and versatile enough to work inside and outdoors. This is true for homes, businesses, and churches too. 

With a combination of the proper speaker installation and trusted brands, there is no need to worry about social distance, as long as the sky is blue, the air fresh, and the grass green!

Remote Worshipers… Rejoice Too! 

The way we connect and interact with each other has changed dramatically over the past few years. The recent pandemic has affected us all. 

For congregations across the US, it is now critical to offer elderly and immunocompromised parishioners a means to remotely attend church. But as great as watching a service may be, what if we cannot hear the congregation leader?

At Whitaker Technologies, we offer the best audio systems for churches and houses of worship, no matter where parishioners may be. From on-site to online, we got your back.


If you feel that a new or improved system could help your congregation, why not give our team of local experts a call?